Friday, January 25, 2013

Long time no see-Blue and Gold Banquet Surviving Lightning Island

I haven’t posted in awhile and I miss it so!  Something just had to give and it was my little blog that got the short end.  My mom has a brain tumor and has been needing a lot more help in fact she is staying in the castle with us now.  Prince Charming is such a trooper, I know it isn’t a ton of fun having your mother in law staying with you but he has never said a peep and is my rock! 

I am posting today because I have had two different people asking for help with their Blue and Gold Banquet which they are using a survivor theme.  Well wouldn’t you know guess what I did last year and I never blogged about it.  I have to say it was pretty darn amazing and this is the easiest way to share!

The blue and gold banquet is a time to celebrate the boys that are moving on to Boy Scouts.  This was one of the best ones I have done.  I decided to use Survivor as our theme.   The webelos were called the Lightning patrol hence the lightning island.


This was the logo I used for the invitations, signs, banners and tickets.



Poor leader didn’t survive, ha!  I used our Halloween décor and camping equipment to set the scene.



These tiki torches were so cute, one of the moms in our den put them together using tea lights and cellophane.


These were our table décor and party favors.  These are rolls of Lifesavers a perfect favor when you are trying to survive!


Our bridge that the boys cross when they move on to boy scouts got a makeover too!


Each table was a tribe, a few empty bottles and sand were perfect for centerpieces.


We gave each table a scrap of fabric to signify what tribe each person was with.


In order to survive and stay on the island through out the night we had challenges.  When your tribe won you tied your team color on your flag that we had around the stage.  This one was they had to release an idol that was frozen in a block of ice without breaking it.


We had one member of each team come up and play giant jenga.  This was the test run at the castle.


This was one of my favorite parts! Everyone had to eat a “worm” in order to secure their plates and silverware for the feast.  These are made from jello and were so gross they move just like worms! 


That’s me!


Dinner is served!  The boys went crazy over this!!!  Our meal was a roast hog, Texas ranch potato salad, a green salad, rolls and baked beans.


The dads loved it too!DSC_0184

My super awesome nephew helping serve.


You can’t have a cubscout event without silly skits.


Our fearless leaders!

It was a really, really fun night.  Everyone had a blast, the food was amazing, the games were so fun and this is sure to be a memory that will stay with these boys.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fairytale Fall Front Porch

Hey it’s almost fall y’all and that means the porch needs to be spruced up!

DSC_0590 copy

The Little Princess and I spent the day fluffing, primping and basking in the gorgeous fall day.  Colorado has such amazing fall weather and the colors; oohhh the colors just make me smile every time I see those oranges, reds and golds.

This is my brand new chalkboard that I made using the mirror off my now gorgeous buffet.  I love it!!! Not sure where its permanent home will be but for now she will hang out on the porch.  She is HEAVY so I have to have Prince charming figure out a cleat system for her.


Such a yummy view, all I need is a cup of warm apple cider and book and I would be happy as could be. I could sit here all day but unfortunately I have things to do.  That sweet green picnic basket was my grandmothers, the green is crazy bright but it is original so I don’t think I want to paint it and it adds a fun pop of color.  It reminds me of Granny Smith Apples so it goes with my whole fall theme!



I hung my adorable rustic ladder to act as a candle chandelier.  Prince Charming made my ladder for me out of scrap.  Did I ever mention how awesome he is?  Sorry ladies he is off the market!

There is a blanket just waiting to snuggle.  I will try and keep the cider warm just incase you want to stop by and just sit for awhile!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Prairie Pastry Shoppe-The Bake Sale

Every year our school has a big carnival, and this year I wanted to try a bake sale for fun.  Mostly because I like to pretend I have my own store that I can dress up.  It’s my adult version of playing dress up I guess. The end result was a gorgeous boutique bake sale and it was a huge, huge success.  We had over 800 items for sale and we sold out. We hand wrapped each and every one of those items, thank goodness I had a fantastic crew of bakers and packagers.


Of course I had a chalkboard!


Homemade jam and incredible gourmet cupcakes.





My Martha in crime Anne had this adorable piece to add to the shop, which we filled with smore’s pops.  Anne is so much fun to work with, she gets me, she helps me take my crazy schemes and turn them into a reality.


I made the homemade caramel corn oh so yummy!


Chippy old ladder shelf.  See the car from Roger Rabbit?  Prince Charming and his dad made that when they were kids, he was perfect for some carnival atmosphere.


Tallulah is rocking our hand sewn mommy and me apron set.



When as the sun started to fade we turned our little lamps on, adorable don’t you think?  It was my my favorite part!!

It was a ton of work but so worth it, we took in over $500.00 and the families had so much fun coming in and shopping.  One sweet boy bought a cake for his grandma’s anniversary.  I hope they let us do it again next year!


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Friday, August 17, 2012

I Will Pencil You In-Giant Chalkboard Calendar

Seriously, we have no excuses for missing any appointments now! Today I worked on this great chalkboard calendar.  Now I am no super amazing chalkboard artist but I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out, and it really is gigantic, ginormous, huge. 

DSC_0291 copy 

I have had this big canvas sitting around forever, I can’t even remember where we originally had it.  I think at one time I was going to make my own painting, I even remember painting it but I don’t think I ever hung it.  Crafty girl I am, artist not so much, well at least not in the sense of let me grab a brush and paint some gorgeous abstract.  I can’t tell you how many times I thought, “oh just get rid of that thing, you will never use it!”  So glad it I didn’t because that epiphany I was waiting on hit me today.  Funny how my brain works sometimes.  Half the time lately I can’t even remember what I was going to………..

Now, what was I saying? 

Kidding, seriously though I can’t even remember my own name sometimes and then I can be just hanging around and, boom!  Oh yes, giant chalkboard calendar that is what I will do with that canvas and I rock it out like I have always know what I was going to do.

DSC_0296 copy

I drew everything in chalk and then I painted over the frame and grid because no way am I going redo that every time the month changes, although it would be kind of fun to do. 

I said kind of!

Now that my memory is slipping at least I will have my giant calendar to rely on and hey if my eyes start going bad I will be able to read this bad boy from across the room.

Hmmmm now what was I supposed to do tomorrow?  Let me check my calendar!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Curvy Girl’s Rule

I finally found my curvy girl that I have been looking for!!!  I have searched for years looking for the perfect piece to refinish for my buffet and finally after stopping on a whim at a church garage sale I found her.


She isn’t much but she has great bones.  She was curvy and real wood but I wanted her to be a little less expensive since she was pretty beat up. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to put any effort in to her, so although I thought she was nice I left her standing there. 

All night I couldn’t stop thinking about her, kicking myself for not picking her up!! What is wrong with me?  She has great bones, she is 9 drawers just like I wanted, why on earth didn’t I bring her home?  She wasn’t even all that expensive, and need I remind you she is real wood!

So you would think I got up the next morning and ran to get her.  Nope, I left her hanging, I was playing hard to get.  I forced myself to stay home and clean my house and leave it up to fate. 

Were we meant to be together???

DSC_0277 copy

You bet your sweet bippy as my Grandmother would say!  I am so glad I looked beyond her imperfections, and brought her home.  She is just gorgeous with her makeover.  I painted her with white chalk paint and sanded the top down because someone had tattooed her with Amy hearts B.  Not that I don’t appreciate Amy’s love but it just didn’t go with my whole décor. I was going to paint the whole thing white but after sanding the top down and seeing how gorgeous the wood was I stained the top with ebony stain and three coats of poly.

Want to guess how much I paid for her?


Yep, $30.00 and a little sweat equity and I am the proud owner of curvy gorgeous girl!

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